Welcome to Jodo Aikido Dojo 


Aikido was founded  by Morihei Ueshiba in the first  half of the twentieth century. Koryu art(classical martial arts)  is complicated but it is simplified by Morihei Ueshiba for modern people to  learn easier.The heart of aikido is the harmony between heaven and earth, and the love for everything so he created his own aikido method to realize this idea.

Aikido mentality is the same as jodo, aiming not to kill but to give rebirth for improving the state of mind.

In our dojo, we aim to guide the perfect budo by uniting jodo and aikido: aikido as  taijutsu(weaponless techniques), jodo as bukiwaza (weapon tecniques like sword,spear,naginata and more) . Our goal is to improve our vision of the world and attain a serene state of mind.