Budo training gives you the hint for solution of our life problem .Real life and war are similar in so many ways because every time you have a problem , you are punished, hurt or sometimes you may even lose your life. So, Budo gives you a chance to deal with your real life too. Budo strategies, timing, patience and methods are weapons that are needed for your entire life.

Uchidachi, “striking sword” Shidachi, “doing sword”

Uchidachi is the teacher side and shidachi is the student’s. These two words are the most important values of jodo because ıt shows the sprit of jodo. Just knowing that the sword side is the teacher and the jo side is the student, is not enough. Just as the word, food is not enough to stop your hunger, knowing the meanings of these words is not enough; you have to go deeper to the soul. Uchidachi is the one who gives the training. In modern teachings like aikido often  sensei throws the student and the student falls . In traditional martial arts like jodo , the student is the center , so in traditional teaching method  the teacher teaches to students  by sacrificing himself.

Jojutsu‘s founder is Muso Gonnosuke. He invented this art 400 years ago. There a few  poems for jojutsu, telling  the spirit, technique  and purpose. It’s aim is not injuring, hurting or killing people but instead giving them a second chance to rebirth.Instead of tachi (sword), we use jo(stick) because jo is the  most suitable weapon for this aim not to kill.

Unlike other weapons jo can be used in many ways such as a naginata(long stick with cutting blade), spear, sword  and many others. So it has many functions.Jodo training gives you the possibility to learn them all at once.

In jodo your mind must be as calm as water surface reflecting the moon. If a drop falls on the calm water surface, waves start to form so you can see the moon no more.  Unlike the water surface, the mind must keep its serenity by looking with a clear vision coming from a pure heart  even when it’s disturbed. In jodo, the important thing is to first to gain a pure state of mind and then keeping this state during though and disturbing conditions. This state of mind guides you even in the dark, for finding your enemy.